Hazel McHaffie

Another limited edition

We’re a little behind with our annual production for the grandchildren this year – I blame the illness that has dogged us for several weeks, and two forthcoming big birthdays. But it’s now spiral bound and ready for delivery on 3 February.

There are just five copies of Literary Adventures in the world and there are to be no further print runs. Because this is the hard copy version of the story/play in which the youngsters acted on 2 January. Exclusive, private, unique. Each book has a different cover depicting the grandchild for whom it has been created, and it’s full of photos of them illustrating the text. This is our 19th such production (so far) providing a lasting memorial to their growing years, and hopefully serving as a happy reminder of days of yore long after we’ve gone.

I can now put this event behind me and vaguely, on some remote back-burner, start to explore future possibilities. And get down to some serious writing of the new novel. I’m at the stage of big pictures and even bigger diagrams linking every character and twist of plot together.

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