Hazel McHaffie


There are very few novels which deal with the issues of contemporary medical ethics in the lively and intensely readable way which Hazel McHaffie’s books do. She uses her undoubted skill as a storyteller to weave tales of moral quandary, showing us with subtlety and sympathy how we might tackle some of the ethical issues which modern medicine has thrown up. She has demonstrated that hard cases make good reading.
Alexander McCall Smith


From Tolstoy to Cronin, writers have raided medicine in search of the raw material of literature. How appropriate that Hazel McHaffie should be repaying the compliment by using fiction to help us grapple with the ethical dilemmas so often and so effortlessly conjured up by modern medicine.
Geoff Watts


Hazel McHaffie illuminates the novel moral complexities of the modern world with dramatic insight … a great read.
James Le Fanu


McHaffie accomplishes something of great value for the reader … she exposes the potential for authenticity within intimate human relationships. This is a luminous accomplishment.
The Lancet


McHaffie’s books are skillfully written to bring out the complex ethical issues that we as doctors, nurses, patients, or relatives may face in dealing with difficult issues.
British Medical Journal


Hazel McHaffie, already an award winning author, has woven together authentic clinical details and ethical dilemmas with a lightness of touch that transports the reader effortlessly into the world of scientific medicine… these novels are accessible and compelling and will be enjoyed by general readers as much as by philosophers and health professionals.
Brian Hurwitz


[The author] has woven and moulded her extensive knowledge of ethics, moral dilemmas and clinical concerns with great skill into real life, everyday, stories of drama and tragedy.


Medical advances mean new treatments are becoming possible all the time but debate over the ethics can lag behind. This is what McHaffie explores in her fiction. She makes the complicated straightforward … a master at presenting the issues in a very human way and leaving the reader to take his own ethical stance … tremendously readable and engaging.