Hazel McHaffie


Look at any newspaper and you’ll probably find something about medical ethics – abortion, assisted conception, euthanasia, transplants, cloning, stem cells. The list is endless.

Medicine today is a hotbed of dilemmas and difficulties which bewilder individuals and challenge society. And touch all of us at some stage in our lives.

The novels in this series are set in this world of moral choices but they are tales of passion, perplexity and crime that hold the reader spellbound. They are accessible and compelling, bringing ethics to life. And they are for anyone who likes to think as well as read.

Killing Me Gently

Anya Morgan has it all – beauty, brains, dream home, handsome husband, and now to complete the picture, a new baby. But Gypsy Lysette doesn’t conform to Anya’s criteria for perfection. Sleep deprived and insecure, she searches for solace and reassurance.

Leon Morgan is torn between supporting his paranoid wife and the demands of his job. Increasingly stressed he starts to make mistakes, big mistakes, threatening the future of the family firm, jeopardising their marriage.

Tiffany Corrigan to the rescue; qualified nurse, mother of three, a fount of practical wisdom. She’s a shoulder to lean on when the crises escalate … when Gypsy is admitted to hospital … when the fingers start pointing … when suspicion and jealousy widen the rift between Anya and Leon.

Then inexplicable things start to happen. Frightening things. Baby Gypsy’s life as well as Anya’s sanity are under threat. Who is responsible? And will the professionals act in time to save this family from devastating loss?