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Judging a book by its cover

Wahey!! Good news to report this week. The cover for my next book, Remember Remember, has been designed. And I love it.Remember Remember

Just in passing I should say that I’m extremely fortunate in having a publisher who believes in the author having a say in production. They don’t all.

It’s a jaded aphorism: ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, although of course applicable in all sorts of metaphorical senses. And, goodness knows, I’m jolly glad people don’t leap to conclusions based only on my outward appearance! But when it comes to real books, the fact is we all do gravitate to certain styles of cover more than others – aesthetic appeal, dramatic impact, pictures evocative of an age, a memory. Tricky to know just what will hook someone in. But, for me, the cover dreamed up by Luath’s designer captures the right look for the story – a family saga; lives changed by Alzheimer’s Disease; secrets unravelled – so I’m highly delighted.

Now we have a cover, the book has become more of a reality in my mind. Time to approach the list of people who I hope will give us good advice on how to promote it in the big old world out there. But first … I have a minor mountain of books to get through.

It was a bit of a shock to discover just how many novels there are out there that include Alzheimer’s in some form. Whacky, sickly, gritty, stark, tender, compassionate … I’m ploughing through them, checking out the competition, making sure my unique selling point really is unique. So far so good. Phew! Can’t have a perfect cover go to waste!

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