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Please do not disturb

Today’s blog is for all you folk out there who asked for an insight into the everyday life of a jobbing writer. Yep, you know who you are. So relax; no challenging issues or troubling conundrums this week.

It has been absolutely roasting hot up here at night as well as by day, so sleep has been rather elusive. But hey, that’s had positive consequences. The old brain has had extra time to whir along, sorting, sifting, coming up with new ideas for the current book. Because yes, after the enforced break from serious writing to fulfill other responsibilities, I’m once more back in harness.  And better still, the story has now picked up a momentum of its own.

TypingOK, I created the characters originally, but they have now acquired birth certificates – passports even – of their own, and I’m simply taking dictation from them at a cracking pace. Watching and listening, wondering and exclaiming, as they go about their business and make decisions and interact. Smoke is leaking under the door of my study. Inside, the old word count is growing in a most gratifying way. I am not to be disturbed!

As you know I don’t do formulaic – against my principles. But aside from that, this book is completely different from all the others in several ways which is keeping me on my toes: Have I got the balance right? Will this be easily promoted? Is it clear what I’m trying to do? Are my characters distinctive enough? Its working title has already changed three times, which says something about the take-over bid Tonya, India and Chris have waged against me (it’s a three narrator story). They’ve hauled me into colourful and troubling situations already that require me to really think about my own values and prejudices and preconceptions. (Very good for the soul, a spot of heart-searching!) And enough to keep me awake irrespective of the temperature.

I never divulge details of a story whilst it’s in the development stage but I don’t think I’d be jinxing anything if I let you know that I’ve steered away from a concentration on anorexia to a much broader look at body image issues. And boy, has that opened up a can of worms – several actually! Whereas I was a bit ambivalent, now I’m getting excited about where this is taking me. I want to know what happens!

I really must get back to watching teenage India grappling with her deep-seated angst …


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