Hazel McHaffie

Slim pickings!

Well, the stack of books about eating disorders I ordered by way of research for my next novel (working title: Skin and Bone) is growing steadily. Here’s the first haul awaiting my attention – I’ve managed to read a measly two so far.Novels about anorexiaAnd here are some of the Kindle titles also waiting for that glorious time when I can lie back with a clear conscious and wallow in one of my favourite pastimes. Ebooks about anorexia

But marketing Over My Dead Body takes precedence right now. Much as I should love to have a team of elves scurrying around in the background doing all the work, and agents and demi-agents and assistant demi-agents all cracking whips, the sad truth is they are a mere figment of my fevered imagination. In my rational world, I’m making myself allocate time most days to it. Reviews are pending; I’ve had several invitations to speak at events; word is filtering out; so behind the scenes we are moving in a forwardly direction.


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