Hazel McHaffie

Still searching!

It wasn’t a deliberate intention to write a series of posts leading one from another; it just happened. Questions led to more questions and the search for enlightenment is still on. But I confess, I’ve got rather bogged down.

After reading Rachel Held Evans‘ book, Inspired, I was taken to another one on my shelf, The Bible Tells Me So, by Peter Enns, which in turn took me to Inspiration and Incarnation also by Enns. The first two were easy reading and I skimmed along quite happily, making some progress in sorting this vexed issue out in my head. But the third one is proving much harder work – I even took a sneaky peak at the summary review of the book to give me a leg up! I’m persevering thus far but … will this be one of those rare occasions where I quit before the end, I wonder?

As Captain Lawrence Oates the Antarctic explorer said before walking out into a blizzard and certain death, I might be gone some time.

Whatever, this will be the last post on this topic so rest easy. Lighter times ahead.

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