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Deckchair in Charlotte SquareI’m away this week giving some talks in the Midlands about subjects unrelated to my medical ethics writing, so I’ll content myself with sharing some useful advice about persistence for writers in general. And it can be a lonely, demoralising occupation at times. Too easy to navel-gaze and feel crushed by one’s own pathetic output/apparent lack of achievement, or other people’s rejection.

Thanks to the Writer’s Circle for the basis of this chirpy little reckoning which I’ve adapted to fit my purpose:

  1. Write 50 words: That’s a paragraph
  2. Write 400 words: That a page
  3. Write 300 pages: That’s a manuscript
  4. Write every day: That’s a habit
  5. Edit and re-write: That’s how you get better
  6. Spread your writing for people to comment: That’s how you gain perspective
  7. Don’t worry about rejection or publication: That’s about being a real writer
  8. When not writing read. Read from the works of writers better than you. That’s how you raise your own game. Hey, I for one am only too glad to get the seal of approval to read!

Meanwhile, my faithful book cover designer is currently working on the cover of Inside of Me; reviews are in; final proof reading is underway. Publication is in sight!

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