Hazel McHaffie


Fantasy and fun

One of the things about being freelance is there’s nobody to give you official permission to take a holiday. But I’ve granted myself time out to celebrate this week.

Dominating the Christmas period for me was, of course, the grandchildren’s story. It duly went ahead on 27th and parts of our house became a magical emporium run by a delightfully benevolent professor …TThe Professor in his emporiumHis apprentices got into some amusing scrapes learning the trade …measuring customers in every directionbut eventually earned the opportunity to enter the sacred portals of the professor’s laboratory where they turned into serious scientists …Youngscientists observing the regulationsThe lab came complete with bottled voices and jars of virtues and abilities …bottled voices and virtues potions and lotionswhich they titrated into their own amazing prototypes …the prototypeBack in the emporium a shy but cuddly orangutan featured …

Ola the orangutanand a raucous toucan …Torquil the talking toucanA game of charades brought out imaginative traits and not even a spectral visitor could scare the professor out of his perpetual bonhomie …The spectre of deathInnocent fun.

It’s all over far too soon but there’s no time to pine. First, the prospect of a run of regular visitors is driving me to restore an orderly establishment. Then the provisional script of Professor Devine’s Emporium must be converted into a limited edition book (5 copies), which by tradition has to be finished by 12 January (the first family birthday of the year). Would that all publishers were as efficient and committed, eh?


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