Hazel McHaffie

Time to smell the roses

If you’ve been ploughing through my daily blogging during the Festival you’ve more than earned a break. So … time for something calm. And short.

From the relatively safe place I’m in today, I can confess that this summer I’ve occasionally felt rather overwhelmed by the crush of demands. I made a resolve (yet another!): try to slow the pace of life; act my age. Suiting action to the the thought, I deliberately left oodles of time before several performances, giving me about an hour to do nothing but mooch and watch the festival city at play. And I do admit, I thoroughly appreciated meandering instead of rushing. Deckchair in Charlotte Square

So when I chanced on this quote by Irish writer John McGahern: ‘The best of life is life lived quietly, where nothing happens but our calm journey through the day, where change is imperceptible and the precious life is everything‘, I could identify with the sentiment.


I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow!


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