Hazel McHaffie


1. Click here to hear an interview with Jenny Renton, on Luathpress authortalk.

2. Click here to see Hazel being interviewed at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

3. Click here to watch Dr Shawn Harmon in conversation with Hazel at an event in Waterstones bookshop, organised by Edinburgh University’s ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum.

4. Click here to read an interview that Hazel McHaffie gave for “The Moaning Times”.

5. Hazel talked in January 2014 about her latest novel “Over my Dead Body” at Blackwell’s bookshop in Edinburgh.  You can watch the talk and subsequent question and answer session on Youtube.  Due to Youtube’s limitation on length, the session had to be divided into four parts.

Click here to watch Part 1.

Click here to watch Part 2.

Click here to watch Part 3.

Click here to watch Part 4.