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Book Week Scotland

Well, that’s Book Week Scotland over for another year, and my own part in it was great fun.

Poster in the libraryThe library was looking very colourful with rainbow posters and plenty of displays and the librarian somehow managed to offer everyone who came a hot drink as they arrived – a lovely touch on a cold dark November evening. I was talking about Over My Dead Body and organ donation, and the audience were brilliant – very engaged with the practical and moral issues as well as the literary ones. I threw out a few challenges during my introductory talk and the responses came thick and fast in the open session. It always gives me a real buzz having folk talking about the topics in my books. – in this case, about the difficulty of giving eyes … about the difference between donating one’s own organs compared with those of your child … about cellular memory (where people believe characteristics of the donor are passed on through the tissues) … about who should or should not get organs …

I learned afterwards that there were several nurses in the audience but they kept a very low profile. However, one man who’d had an organ transplant himself, bravely shared some of his thinking and experience in open debate. Fantastic. And one-to-one discussion continued over the book signings which always pleases me. It’s lovely to actually meet the people who read my books.Signing booksThanks everyone.

As I post this blog there’s a ferocious storm raging across Scotland so stay safe out there.

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