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In the footsteps of great authors of the past

The eagle-eyed among you might have observed a slight delay in my post this week. I’ve been basking in the sunshine of the south of Italy, hoping the genius of luminaries such as Ibsen, Byron, Hugo, Dumas, Woolfe, Dickens, et al, who roamed these streets, would rub off on me; recharging depleted batteries.

And indeed creative juices flowed, the imagination ran riot, amidst the startlingly clear blue Mediterranean waters …the Medcruising round Capri, peering into mysterious caves …caves on Capriwandering up narrow streets, approached by smooth-talking, black-eyed, beguiling strangers by day …Narrow streetsspooked by the shadowy recesses at night …Streets at nightWonderful scenarios were conjured up by the soaring architecture …Soaring architectureand the stunning Amalfi coast, playground of the rich and famous … who might also feature …Amalfi coastVesuvius, dominating the landscape, became a character in its own right …VesuviusPeering into its crater brought the eruption of AD79 into vivid relief …crater in VesuviusExploring the scenes of complete devastation below provided fertile material for … maybe an historical novel … set in Pompeii …Pompeiior perhaps Herculaneum …HerculaneumAnd the amazing artefacts excavated from these sites, now housed in the museum in Naples, alongside other gems of the area, brought the culture, the lifestyle, the splendour close enough to smell …Statuecarved out ofa single piece of marble in Naples museumWhy not have hair-raising chases along precipitous roads, a moment’s inattention away from certain death …precipitous roadsa glimpse of those vertiginous views enough to have our hero in dire jeopardy …vertiginous cliffsYou get the idea. Fertile ground indeed. You’ll be glad I spared you the other 750 plus photos!



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