Hazel McHaffie

ancient artefacts

A glimpse of Turkey

I’ve just returned from a fortnight in Turkey, and have lots of catching up to do, so I’ll simply share a few pictures of an amazing country with you this week. Relax, folks, it’ll only be a tiny fraction of the 1,273 photos we took – just enough to give a flavour of the spectacular geological formations …Cave dwellings in CappadociaFairy chimneys in CappadociaLimestone terraces at Pamukkalethe awe inspiring architecture …Palace beside the BosphorusMosque beside the Bosphorusintricate interior decoration …Mosque ceilingand the ornate Arabic writing …Arabic writingOf the fascinating ancient sites …Amphitheatre at EphesusLibrary at Ephesusand incredibly old artefacts …Ancient tablet in a caseSarcophagiOf the exotic handicrafts and colourful bazaars …Handicrafts stallBazaar in IstanbulEvidence of Turkey’s long history of conflicts is everywhere …Monument in Taksim SquareThe poignant war graves at Gallipoli made me cry …Remembrance at Gallipolibut plenty of things made me smile …Genuine fakesSign in a shop windowSleeping catsA complete break away from everyday life; refreshing in itself. I only hope my grey cells remember a fraction of the information our superb guides imparted. I’ve certainly returned with lots of ideas and props for the children’s annual Christmas story so I must knuckle down and commit them to the computer while the taste of genuine Turkish Delight is still fresh.

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