Hazel McHaffie

Art and science

Art and ethics

Art and ethics – two topics close to my heart. Not surprising then that I’m at a special symposium on these issues this afternoon. But more than that, I’ve been invited to showcase my own work and say a bit about how I came to move from academia to novel-writing. A great opportunity to bring my books to a completely different kind of attention.

Wellcome Trust funded this event and Sparkle and Dark Theatre Company have worked with the Mason Institute of Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law, to bring folks together with an interest in developing links between the different communities – moral philosophers, doctors, lawyers, social scientists, filmmakers, actors, artists, novelists etc etc – a brilliant mix. The puppet Roger from Killing Roger is also in attendance, a star attraction.Puppet Roger

The venue is full and the audience are totally attentive and responsive during the first hour of short presentations; the ensuing discussion is lively and wide-ranging. For my part I’m hugely impressed by the depth of engagement with the real issues everyone displays, especially the actors who speak with such passion about their involvement in this area. How truly heartening to be with so many people who understand and support what I’ve been trying to do for the last twenty years – let art illuminate science. Yeeeees! I feel as if I’ve made a whole new circle of friends! And I’m positively buzzing.

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